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I am now taking commissions for portraits.

If you have a photograph of a loved one which you would like rendered as an oil painting, here are the full details of my process and pricing...

Single portrait

Single portrait

Single portrait

Double portrait

Double portrait











Free postage in the UK

+£10 for postage outside the UK

Step 1:

Once you have a chosen your photo, just send me an email with the photo attached and we can start discussing the commission.

Step 2:

I will suggest a size depending on the photo provided. It's generally best not to exceed life-size for a portrait, nor to have the head size too small to allow room for detail.

Step 3:

Once agreed on which board size would be best, I ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50%.

I will provide you with bank transfer details and will start working on the portrait on receiving the deposit.

You can pay in full at this point if you would prefer to.

Step 4:

I will need 2 weeks to complete the portrait.

As I'm working in oils, it can take several days to dry so an additional week of drying time may be required.

I would keep you updated with images of the finished painting and how soon I can send it.

Step 5:

Postage of the painting.

If you are happy with the finished portrait, I will ask for the second 50% of the full price (if not already paid in full).

Email me your address and I will send the painting.

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I paint on cradled boards (smooth plywood backed with pine).

All boards have a depth of 19mm.

The boards themselves are ready to hang on a nail but I usually screw in an additional hanging wire to work with all wall hooks.

Let me know if you would rather not have the additional wire.

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As for adapting black and white images, I find an effective solution is to paint in a single colour. Here I have used indigo to reinterpret the original black and white photo. I would discuss the creative choice of colour if this was something you were interested in.

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With my own work I typically leave a small signature in a bottom corner of the painting.

For commissions it's up to you if you want it signed or unsigned.

I may ask your permission to share images of the completed portrait (not the original photograph) on my website and/or social media. There's no pressure to agree to this.

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Double portrait

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Contact email:

If you have a specific request or any questions not covered by these terms, feel free to contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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